Ford Fiesta RS Turbo Intercooler 1990-1992


Ford Fiesta RS Turbo Intercooler 1990-1992

The pro’s advice

In order to optimize the life of your sport intercooler, it is IMPERATIVE to mount it with new silent blocks. They will effectively limit vibrations and, consequently, avoid degradation that may be related to them. Indeed, as rubber hardens over time, the original silent blocks will be less effective in properly absorbing shocks and the risk of damage and leakage will be even greater. CAREFUL! Just because the silent blocks look in good condition doesn’t mean they’re still performing!

Your tailor-made intercooler

If you do not find the intercooler model that meets your expectations, do not hesitate to contact the technical service by e-mail or phone. Indeed, we design and produce your custom-made aluminium intercoolertout, whether in a single model (for example, for prototyping) or in more or less large quantities (for example, for the members of your club).

Ford Fiesta RS Turbo Intercooler 1990-1992


Dimensions hors tout : 370 x 190 x 105mm (avec pattes de fixation) – 325 x 175 x 105mm (sans pattes de fixation)

Dimensions faisceau : 180 x 155 x 100mm

Diamètre extérieur des connexions : 52.5mm

Diamètre extérieur des connexions avec bourrelets : 54mm

Autres : Pattes de fixations latérales et supérieures

Poids : 3.0 Kg

Application : Ford Fiesta RS Turbo (1990 – 1992)


Intercooler aluminium Ford Fiesta RS Turbo Gros volume

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 27 × 22 cm


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