RAD0064DFZ Aluminum Racing Radiator Fan Shroud for Chevy Blazer 73-85


TOFF Aluminum Racing Radiator Fan Shroud for Chevy Blazer is designed to provide maximum cooling efficiency to prevent premature engine failure. Its light-weight, and high-heat transferring aluminum features a tube and fin design that, dramatically increases surface area that enables the heat to dissipate more efficiently. This racing radiator is at least 30% more efficient than stock ones. Most importantly, it has a much higher capacity for coolant than stock ones, which means that your cooling system will be more efficient and will be more resistant to temperature surges in racing applications.


    • 3 Rows Aluminum Racing Radiator Fan Shroud for Chevy Monte Carlo 83-87 / Chevy Blazer 73-85
    • Product Description:
    • CORE SIZE:666mmx428mmx62mm / 26.22x 16.85x 2.44 inches

      Overall Dimensions: 18.6″ H x 33″ W.

      CORE ROWS:3

      Inlet/outlet: 1.5” / 1.57”

      Material: Aluminum

      For Chevy Nova 75-79 /Chevy Camaro 70-80,
      For Chevy/GMC G Series 1970-1985 ,
      For Chevy C10-C20 C-Series 1970-1985,
      For Chevy Monte Carlo 1983-1987,
      For Chevy Blazer 1973-1985,
      For Chevy El Camino 78-1987,
      For Chevy Suburban 1976-1980,
      For Chevy Impala 1980-1985,
      For Chevy/GMC C-Series C10-C20 C25-C3500 1970-1985
      For Oldsmobile Cutlass 1978-1988
    • Fan Specification: 
      12″ Fan
      Voltage: DC 12 Volts
      Maximum Fan CFM: 2150 cfm
      Wattage: 80 Wattage
      Thickness (in): 2.500″
      Number of Blades: 10 blades
      Maximum Fan RPM: 2,250 rpm
      Amp Draw: 12.70 amps

      Relay Kits:

      Universal fit for any automotive vehicle and electric fan.
      Activates by grounding electric fans at preset temperature.
      180’F turn-on temperature, 165’F turn-off temperature.
      3/8″ NPT thread-in brass probe.
      Probe typically threads into radiator, water outlet or manifold.
      Installment Instruction of Relay
      RED wire : Connect directly to battery.
      WHITE wire : Ignition switch power source.
      BLACK wire : Connect thermos switch.
      BLUE wire: Connect the Fans.

      Transmission: Automatic and Manual.
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 87 × 57 × 24 cm


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